Halloween Sexy Long Dress


I didn’t have much time since I had so much work to do I didn’t update my blog for so long. This was actually from October .___. haha…

Since in Thailand halloween isn’t celebrated I never got much chance to dress up. Back in my old private school we would dress up to school in halloween costumes (instead of boring uniforms) and participate in the school’s halloween festival, which include the haunted house(which I remember was very scary) games booth, food booths, and all kind of contests. But I’m now in a government school (for 5 years already) so there’s no chance for any fun… However, for this halloween I wanted to make some kind of costume(even though in the end I didn’t get to wear it, haha).

The dress was inspired by the black widow spider, known for it’s venom and sexual cannibalism.I wanted to design a dress that would suit something like a black widow-human version. So my concept was sexy, alluring, a bit mysterious. In my original design I plan on using black as the base color and embroider red metallic thread for the spider web design on the shawl. In the end I didn’t have time so I ditched the shawl and made the dress only.


This is me trying the top on…


The skirt

IMG_1647 IMG_1669

The beading detail…


The first fitting, I remember having to fix this dress a zillion times before it actually fits nicely over the body.

IMG_1666 IMG_1665 IMG_1663

I didn’t take pictures when I was making the chiffon skirt because I forgot, haha. I guess I was concentrating so much I completely forgot… Also I was frustrated because my dress form broke for like the 4th time. (I just noticed that when it’s on dress form you can’t see the beading from the front. )

Conclusion: Took around 60 hours to complete. The fabric was actually cotton leftover from some school project though originally I wanted to use crepe. This was very lo budget since the fabric is free leftovers (except the chiffon) The beads were something I had around the house so I would estimate that I costed me around…350-400 baht or around 10-13 dollars ^^

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