Random Still life drawing

Random Still life drawing

There’s currently a protest in Thailand, and the area around my school is where the protester gather… so I haven’t been to school for ages (and I actually miss school T^T) Since there’s so much stuff going on in Bangkok my family went on a short holiday. XD We went to Huahin (which you definitely have to visit if you ever decide to come to Thailand) and enjoyed ourselves, especially me (temporally forgot that I have final exams when school opens). And… This is something I drew on my trip! 🙂 My mom’s sandals -3-


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2 thoughts on “Random Still life drawing

  1. Reminds me of an art class I had in school back when I was maybe 14. We had to draw our shoes. Unfortunately the uniform policy meant that all the shoes were things like t-bars, so we couldn’t draw anything visually interesting, but I suppose it was interesting for me because I don’t normally draw realism.

    Your sandal looks very good, by the way! Quite realistic. 🙂

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