Fashion Illustration: Sunflower Coat – Finished


So, I sketched this the other day because I couldn’t sleep and decide to color it with pastels and watercolor. As you can see I’m very obsessed with sunflowers right now… so you might see more of them in my work.

Also, I’m almost finish with my sophomore year, only 2 weeks left! I can’t believe it, I feel like it was just a few months ago that I became a high school student. Time flies by fast but I got to admit I’m pretty excited too! Because next year I won’t have to take anymore head-explodes-I-can’t-take-it-anymore  science, no more biology/chemistry/physics!!! And because I won’t be taking anymore science classes I should have loads more time to draw, paint and sew! YAY!!!

Hope you guys have a great week and take care! 🙂 ❤ Also if you like my work follow me for updates!


Fashion sketch – sunflower obsession

It’s almost midnight in Thailand but I can’t sleep… So I stayed up sketching…


Enjoy! ❤
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I heart U! (Fashion Illustration)

img008 copy2

This fashion sketch is inspired by Valentine’s day and love in general. Using colors and shape from the general idea of the theme ‘Love’, I drew my fashion illustration with hearts, colors red and pink and used white to make the whole look come together. The two designs are inspired by street fashion of autumn/winter 2012 and spring/summer 2013. The material used were watercolor(garments) and copic markers (skin).

Fashion illustration by Icieice ❤