Betty Boop-Oop-A-Doop Costume

First of all, I have to say the past few days have been very hectic! I started the week with my last day of final exams, and by the end of the day I lay dead in bed. The next day I had to wake up very early to go the the fabric market to buy stuff to make a Betty Boop costume, which is the character I decided to go as to a costume party.

After a very quick trip around fabric market I went back home and started my super-top-speed-non-stop-killer-machine-sewing mode. And by the end of the day I almost finish the whole dress. Being sleep deprived from the whole ‘exam season’, I went to bed early only to wake up the next day to complete the dress, wash it, iron it and then go to help my friend prepare his costume (which by the way took ages!)

IMG_2317 IMG_2322 IMG_2330 Avatar_Costume

As you can see my friend went as the Avatar and you can still see traces of blue ink on my hands and arms.


                        1653802_750036948342305_2100822970_n 1795658_750038115008855_74753762_n



So, the night was a BLAST (but I don’t want to bomb you with so many pictures, haha)! The food was enjoyable, the activities was fun, everything was just perfect!

Now, I got to go dip my feet in warm water to help with my foot ache (seriously, how do other girls manage to wear high heels for hours without getting sore is a total mystery…) but here’s a little sneak peek of something I’ve been working on. 🙂

holly_rose_emery_drawing_with_patels_pencil_by_icieiceHolly Rose Emery – picture taken from my Instagram.

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My first OOTD!

This is my first Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post! Yay!

green-cardigan-grey-skater-dress-yellow-kitten-heels-1 green-cardigan-grey-skater-dress-yellow-kitten-heels-2

This grey skater jersey dress is a bargain I got at a sales rack in Platinum Fashion Mall**, for 5$! The original dress comes with short sleeves and shoulder pads. Also, the bodice is less fitted. But the price was so good I decided to buy it and refashion it.The shoe is my favorite pair of kitten heels from a local brand, Paa*. Even though many people dislike kitten heels I adore them! They’re not too high and easy to walk in. And I love everything about this pair, the color, the height, the pointed toes and the simplicity of the design. Even though the price is a bit out of my budget but when compared with the number of times I wear it, it’s worth it. To top off the look I added a green cardigan from Zara. And the black purse is from Kate Spade that I got on sale (notice that I’m a huge fan of sales, haha) while in Hong Kong. I think it was a good bargain even though I spent my whole budget on it and could only afford to buy a bag of chocolates at the airport.

 **Note: If you ever come to Thailand be sure to visit Platinum Fashion Mall! It’s a huge 6-storey shopping mall with 2 adjoining buildings and around 2,000 shops! Also, it’s the biggest wholesale mall in Thailand with clothing, shoes, accessories averaging from 10$-30$.

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Icie ❤

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