Valentine’s Day Printable Stickers

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world on the 14th of February every year. It’s the international day of ‘Love’. To some it’s just another day out of 365 days (or 366) but to others it’s another excuse to show their lovey-dovey-ness and shower their significant other with gifts, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears etc. I probably fall into the first category as I’m very happy with no boyfriend and relieved of all the ups-downs that comes with a relationship. And since today is also Makha Bucha Day I have no school, which means I get to stay at home and prepare for my finals. Yippee (*roll eyes*)!

Even though you probably think I’m anti-valentine which I probably am ,haha idk, I did make an Valentine inspired illustration (or more like doodle). My original plan was to make cute greeting cards (note: plural) AND stickers to go with each card (how dare I think I had enough time). However, I ran out of time and end up doing only one set of stickers, sorry… :’-(

I know that I’m very late in posting this and I’m terribly sorry that I didn’t finish this sooner. But I do hope you find another occasion to use these (maybe on your anniversary/friend’s b-day/next year’s Valentines or something). Also check out my fashion illustration from last year’s Valentine’s day.

Heart Sticker

To download this: First, click on the picture to get a larger and more detailed picture. Save/Open and print on card stock, sticker paper or just normal paper. You can either use it as sticker decorations or punch a hole, add a ribbon and make them into tags.

Hope you enjoy! ❤ If you like my work follow me and have a lovely day!

Kiss Hugs Kiss Hugs, Icie